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Polyethylene black sheeting is used for many different applications, such job site protection and enclosure, moisture barriers, crawl space & more. Buy Vapor Barriers in either a 6 Mil or 10 Mil thick options. Made from industrial grade polyethylene, Plastic Sheeting has 50% more tear strength than. Ideal as vapor barrier or drop cloth. This product is made of CLOUDY clear film with 70% recycled content. This film comes on a 1 1/2" core. This 6 mil plastic. 10 mil clear Dura-Skrim® reinforced plastic sheeting is a UV resistant film reinforced with a layer of polyester scrim to prevent punctures and tearing. Husky 20' x ' 10 MIL Clear Plastic Sheeting. Heavy duty 10 MIL plastic sheeting rolls are used for crawl space encapsulation, basement moisture vapor barrier.

Discover ultimate protection with our Premium 10Mil Vapor Barrier. Crafted from % virgin poly, it blocks water vapor, reflects 90% of light. Tough Polyethylene plastic sheeting - perfect for use as a vapor barrier. Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. 10 mil clear visqueen plastic is excellent for use as a dust barrier to contain hazardous dust, asbestos, lead paint and in mold remediation work. The strength. Polyethylene Sheeting is a durable, multi-purpose plastic material. Wrinkle and weather resistant, sheeting can be reused multiple times with a variety of. What is 10 mil plastic sheeting for? 10 mil plastic sheeting is used for concrete vapor barriers, crawl space encapsulation, heavy duty. The 20 ft. x ft. plastic sheeting is a general-purpose plastic film for use in a variety of construction and DIY projects. This extra heavy-duty plastic. The 40 ft. x ft. plastic sheeting is a general-purpose plastic film for use in a variety of construction and DIY projects. Commonly used as a vapor barrier. Con-Dri String reinforced poly sheeting is made from high strength polyethylene film manufactured with a tear resistant internal scrim reinforcement. Reinforced. 10 Mil 20'x' Clear Plastic Poly Sheeting & Construction Film - Jendco Safety Supply. 10 mil vapor barrier. Tough Polyethylene plastic sheeting - perfect for use as a vapor barrier. Available in multiple sizes and thicknesses. 10 Mil X 20 FT Wide X FT Long Black Plastic Sheeting - No. 10B

If you're searching for the most reliable 10 mil Vapor Barrier online, you've found it! 10 mil Clear Plastic Sheeting 20x is now available to purchase at. This premium string reinforced plastic sheeting product is engineered to withstand the elements. It will hold up under inclement weather and is the perfect. Farm Plastic Supply - Clear Plastic Sheeting - 10 mil - (' x ') - Thick Plastic Sheeting, Heavy Duty Polyethylene Film, Drop Cloth Vapor Barrier. Black Sheeting measuring 20' X ' is made of 10 mil polyethylene plastic. Heavy-duty Sheeting is commonly used to cover a crawl space, overspray shield. This 10 mil clear plastic sheeting is manufactured to withstand any type of use. It will stand up to rain, wind, cold, and heat, ensuring that you get excellent. Polar Plastics 10' x ' mil Clear Poly Plastic Sheeting · Strong and durable plastic sheet for multiple heavy-duty uses · Ideal for construction sites and. Buy 10 mil reinforced poly fabric by the yard or roll. Great for enclosing scaffolding and other structures. Contains a heavy-duty scrim reinforcement. Buy durable polyethylene plastic sheeting- 10 mil 20' x '. Shop CWC® online to view our complete selection of Plastic Sheeting. Heavy-duty contractor-grade plastic sheeting · Advanced tear and puncture-resistant multi-layer polyethylene · Perfect for heavy duty construction projects like.

Guaranteed low prices on Poly-America Husky Polyfilm, 20' x ' Roll, 10 Mil Thick, in Clear Color. Our white plastic sheeting is available in 6 & 10 mil. Engineered from high-quality white polyethylene, our poly-cover can be used in a variety of ways. IPS Packaging & Automation offers Clear Plastic Sheeting. Find over products ready to ship from over 8 nationwide distribution centers. The 10 Mil thick 40' X ' Fire Retardant String Reinforced Poly Sheeting is made with high strength polyethylene film that has a 3-layered construction. General construction black plastic sheeting. Our 10' wide, 10mil thick poly cover is tough, durable, and waterproof. Useful for both indoor and outdoor.

Dura-Smooth 20 Mil black/White Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting

Buy Poly Cover - 20' x ' x 10 mil | Plastic Sheeting from PestWeb by Veseris. Providing online tools and resources to help PMPs succeed in their business. Standard mil polyethylene-based heavy-duty plastic is a general-purpose plastic that can be used as a covering for crawl spaces and for a variety of. This all purpose poly sheeting is great for painting or any renovation project, they're often used as a moisture barrier as well. CLEAR PLASTIC SHEETING 10' X ' 6 MIL STANDARD INDUSTRIAL FDA APPROVED 48/PALLET Buy Polar Plastics, Llc and Save at Husky 20' x ' 10 MIL White Plastic Sheeting. Polyethylene sheet and film are used for many different construction and DIY projects. Husky 10 Mil 20' x ' Clear Poly.

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